How To Use Greenify Properly In Android Phone

We use our Smartphones to do almost anything and everything. From listening to music to finding out life partner. It’s all few touches here and there on your Smartphone screen. You don’t need a computer or a laptop these days. The work of them is also carried out but the smartphone does that also quite comprehensibly. Now, we all have realized that without smartphone we’re almost nothing. Our life cycle will be stopped without our smartphones.

Maybe smartphone have changed our lives completely, but still, there is something which bothers even the smartphones. And the thing is battery life. All the smartphones has the problem that the battery is enough for them or even for us. Even if we carry power banks still it is not always usable under some unavoidable circumstances. Now in those times, we need something tough to tackle that.

And gladly, we have it. There is an Application called Greenify which is popular for extending the life of a smartphone battery. Greenify has become immensely popular these days because of high demand.

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How Greenify works and is it compatible with my smartphone –

Greenify uses a method called hibernation mode to save your smartphone’s battery life. Now, you may say that what is hibernation mode? Hibernation mode means a state where the Application stops running in the background thus, saving healthy amount for your battery. And many people gets confused between hibernation and task killing, they think that both of them are same, but that’s not true.

Hibernation mode instead of closing all the Applications, lets you control them, like which App should run and which should not. It depends on you that which App you want to close, and it will not start until you start it. So, it’s quite different from traditional close everything methods because it lets you choose that which app should be closed in the background and which should not like it always has.

That’s the way of working of the Greenify App and one more thing you should remember that the Application will run on both Rooted and Rooted phones. The Application can be easily downloaded from Google playstore and has both free and paid versions. The paid version would be slightly different from the free version with some extended features which might be quite handy for you. So, if you know that you’re open budget, then you can purchase it. Also check more about Clash of Clans Mod Apk.

Greenify Features –

1. After Instillation of Greenify your smartphone or tablet will not loose as much battery life as they were before installing Greenify. Your device will work faster and smoother.

2. The Greenify App works in both Rooted and Non-Rooted phones.

3. Advance technology of Greenify lets you pick those Apps which are hurting your system’s performance, lagging the device and making it slower. You can later remove them or put them in hibernation mode to save your system.

The Application needs initial setup and that part I’ve split into steps which are mentioned below.

Steps to Use Greenify Properly  –

Here I’ve provided step by step tutorial to download, install and setup Greenifty Application in your Android ( Rooted and Non-Rooted both ).

1. First of all, Download and install Greenify Application by visiting Google playstore. ( Any paid or Unpaid version ).

2. Then, you have to open the Greenify Application and then choose your desired Application in the hibernation mode. You will see an “+” option. You have to click on that, and a list of Applications will appear. You can put them on hibernation mode.

3. There will be an option called “Show More Apps.” Then, select all the apps to hibernate.

4. Long press on any app then a tick mark will appear on that particular app. Now, you have made a single click on all the Applications to pit them in hibernate mode.

5. Once you will select all the apps, you have to click on another option named Zzz. And last you have to wait for few seconds to let the process complete. ( Don’t interrupt while the process or you have to it all again ).

Thus, was the method to setup Greenify Application your Smartphone or tablet.

Whenever you think that you don’t need Greenify, Although, it’s an Application which will be useful for lifetime save your battery life for an emergency. But still, if you want to remove it any day because of any reason then you won’t be able to do it by the traditional uninstalling Application method. You have to follow a different process for that which I will show you. Here are the steps.

1. First of all, click on settings option.

2. The, you have to click on the option called Security.

3. Then another option called Device administrators and either you have to check the status of Greenify. If it shows the status of checked, then uncheck it, then come back to your homepage and uninstall the Application from your Smartphone’s traditional method.

4. Thus, you can easily uninstall Greenify Application whenever you want.

Why Greenify is the need of the hour –

Greenify saves your battery and extends its life by an advanced method called hibernation. The Application is definitely trustworthy at the time of emergency. As I also mentioned earlier in the article that it also gives information related to the Application which is not healthy for your system and it can become a reason of lagging your device. so, Greenify is definitely the need of the hour.

Final Words –

Finally, I have to say that the Greenify Application will perfectly in both Rooted and Non -Rotted phones. If your smartphone is not rooted, still, you don’t have to worry because the Application runs and works perfectly in Non-Rooted phones too. So, download and install Greenify right now and start saving your smartphone’s battery.

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