Top 8 Best Songs Download App For Android

Good music is loved by all. Isn’t it?

The type of music we listen to depends on our mood. If we are happy, we tend to listen to some rhythmic music which adds in some positivity to our body. On the other hand, while we are sad, soft melodies are preferred.

You must have heard of music therapy, right?

In fact, studies have found that music can help cure depression. Even illness like cancer also falls prey to music.

Such is the extravagance of music!

Coming stressed from the office? Turn on the music system.

songs download app

Having a pact up schedule? Relax your mind with music.

See, how useful music is! It has become a part and parcel of our lives.

With the rapid change in time and technology, our habit of downloading our favorite music has changed drastically.

There are multifarious websites on the internet which promises free download of songs.

You get confused as to which one to choose and which one to discard.

To get rid of such dilemma, we are presenting the best songs download app for Android users. Give it a quick look.


It is one of the best apps for downloading songs of your choice without paying a single penny. It has got great ratings from the users. You can search your favorite songs from a comprehensive list of at least million songs which are available for free of cost.

The best part about Music Maniac is that you can check out the quality of the music by listening to the song and after that, you can download it in your smart phone.

Isn’t Music Maniac one of the best song downloader app for Android users ? Give it a try.


Simple! What’s that?

Yes. You read it right. The name of the song downloader app for Android users is Simple.

So, as the name suggests, it is one of the simplest apps you will ever find in the list of apps in Play store.

This app permits you to search your favorite song by three different ways. Want to know the ways?

You can search for a song by it’s genre, name of the artists and album or name of the film.

Why so?

At times, what happens is that we tend to forget the name or the title of the song but we keep humming it the whole day. So, if you know any of the names either genre or artists or album, you can easily find it out in Simple.

Another best fact about this app is that whenever you are typing any name, it gives you a list of suggestions just like Google. In this way, Simple makes your search for the favorite song simple.


It is such an app which is pre downloaded in various Android run smartphones. This app is a treasure for music lovers like you.

A fact about Google Play Music which you will not believe is that it is a great treasure which is filled with over 30 million songs.

The features of this particular app are quite different from the other apps in Android phones. It permits you to upload 5000 songs from a personal collection so that you can listen them in the offline mode.

There are subscription offers in this app. But that’s not mandatory. If you are not willing to subscribe, you can still download your favorite song from it.

Another great feature of this app is that if you buy a new phone, the songs which you have downloaded using the Google Play Music will be stored right there. It won’t get deleted.

Can you just imagine about such an app that has been powered by Google ? Great. Isn’t it?


As the name suggests, it is a paradise for all the music lovers out there. It is an excellent app for searching the copyleft songs directly in your device.

The design of the app is fairly simple as compared to the other apps in the Playstore. It has an excellent functionality which helps in the easy navigation purpose.

The best fact about this app is that it has a music player and a download manager as well. These two eccentric features help you to download multiple songs at a go.

Just imagine. You are downloading a song as well as searching for another song.

Great. Isn’t it?


It gained fame and recognition for its elegant user interface. MIUI is one of the best song downloader apps. Want to know why ?

It comes with an OS which allows you search for your favorite song in the internet.

Did you understand what we meant to say in the above-mentioned sentence?

We mean to say that it consists of a million songs and apart from that it helps to search for your favorite songs not only from the app but also from the list present on net.

Isn’t that a great app for you?

Another best feature of this app is that it provides one of the simplest means of downloading a song as compared to the other apps.


It is known for extensive collection of more than 30 million songs.

Want some interesting as well as amazing facts about Napster?

Here it goes.

One of the most interesting feature of this app is that you can listen as well as download the favorite song of yours simultaneously.

Isn’t that a great feature ?

Still if this feature doesn’t attract you, we hope that the next fact would definitely attract your attention. Check it out.

Napster is absolutely free from any kind of commercial ads which are usually found in other music downloader apps which gives a hassle free experience.

Nice. Right?

All these apps are readily available on the Playstore of the Android smartphones. If you are an avid listener as well as a lover of songs of various genres, we would like to suggest you to download the above-mentioned apps to have a hassle free experience as you deserve a stress-free life.

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