How to scrape Etsy Data

Using the Etsy API, developers and enthusiasts can programmatically retrieve essential information such as product details of any shop, seller metrics, and marketplace data.
This enables users to gain valuable insights for research, analysis, and business strategies, all while adhering to Etsy’s terms of service.

If you are scared at this point and you are telling yourself, “I’m not a programmer” don’t worry… you’re not alone.

I’ll make this as simple as creating an Etsy account. And I’ll even provide you with some template options that will make your data gathering a breeze. Stay with me until the end of this post, I promise you.

Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Get an API key

First of all, what is an API?

Think of an API (Application Programming Interface) like a waiter in a restaurant. When you go to a restaurant, you don’t go into the kitchen to get your food; instead, you place an order with the waiter, and the waiter brings the food to your table.

In the digital world, different software systems, like websites or apps, also “order” information or services from each other without directly interacting. The API is like the waiter that takes the order and delivers the specific information or service back to the requesting system.

Now, let’s talk about an API key. Think of the API key as a special code or pass that the restaurant gives you. This key ensures that when you ask the waiter for your order, the waiter knows it’s you and brings back the right dish. In the digital world, an API key works similarly. It’s a unique code provided by a service or platform that authenticates and authorizes your application to access their API

How to get an Etsy API Key

It’s very simple. You go to and you request one.

Click on Create a new App

Fill in the details of your app. Don’t worry, this is not a real app. This is just a name Etsy gives to whatever system you’ll use to access the data. You could do something simple like this.

If you have a website, you can enter that URL. If you don’t, you can enter the URL of your Etsy Shop.

For App Details, you can use something like this:

This would be enough to get you started. Once you submit the application, it will take a few days to get approved and you’ll receive an API key.

You can find the API key in the manage your apps section. The API key is the KEYSTRING. Write these down. You are going to need them.

Observe the Public rates limit. You can only do 5 calls per second and 5000 per day. But that should be enough for personal use.

What do I do now?

Once you have the API key you learn how to code… just kidding.

To learn the possibilities of API you can go to and see the available API’s.

For example, this API “findAllListingsActive” will give you 25 active listings of a specific shop.

With Programming skills you can learn to get 25 listings at a time and to download them all into a text file, or an Excel file. But, I have some good news for you.

The Easy Template

I prepared an Excel file that will allow you to enter the Shop ID, the number of listings you want, your API key (or KEYSTRING) and press refresh Data.

You know how to get the API key. For the Shop ID, you can go the Etsy to your favorite shop’s page, go to the Contact button, right click on it and “Copy link address“.

Come back to the Excel template, and paste the value in the cell A1. It will look similar to below.

The Shop ID is the number after the “referring_id=” part in that long URL.

But don’t worry, a formula in our template will extract it and put it in cell A4.

Once you are done, you can hit the “Refresh All” button and wait for the data to download.

The result, is a list of as many listings ID’s you specified from a specific shop. The List will look like this.

The list will contain the following information.

  • Listing ID
  • URL
  • Title
  • Description
  • Tags (comma separated)
  • Creation Date (when the last renewal happened)
  • Original Creation Date (when the listing was first created)
  • Total Listing view
  • Estimated Monthly views (total views divided by number of months since created)
  • Nr of people that favorited the listing
  • Personalization Instructions
  • Quantity available
  • Price
  • Currency

This is pretty good information if you want to research your competition and see what are the most successful listings in their shop (most views, most favorites, monthly views).

It will also help you study the Titles, Descriptions and Tags of the most popular listings.

Easy API Data Templates

There are 2 templates available:

The template that you’ll receive will contain no API key and no ShopID. As it is, it will not work until you add a Shop ID and an API key. I suggest you apply for an API key and get approved before you decide to purchase the template.

How does it work

It’s very simple. You download the file to your computer, you open it in Excel, put in your API Key and the Shop ID of the store you want to check, click on Refresh All.

It’s all in the video.

Excel Problems

You will encounter some warnings when you first download the file. Excel is very cautious with files that connect to external sites. The first warning you’ll see will be related to external links.

You have to enable External Data Connections. You are connecting to Etsy after all.

The second warning you might get is related to Privacy. When you use API’s you could potentially also post data to the internet so Excel is making sure you know what you are doing. The warning might say something like this.

To get rid of this, you’d have to check off the Ignore Privacy Warning setting.

Go to the Data Tab – go to Get Data – Query Options

Next, click on Privacy in the Current Workbook section. Select Ignore Privacy Levels and potentially improve performance.

If you are using a Mac, go to Data tab – Get Data – Launch Power Query Editor.

Click on Options – Project – Privacy – and check on that box as in the image below.

That’s it. Now you are all set.

  • Important Notes:
  • This template should be used for personal use only.
  • Please follow Etsy’s Terms of Use. Do not share the data resulted from using the API or this template.
  • Do not share this template with other people. You risk sharing your private API key that may result in Etsy disabling your API rights, or even worse, your account.