Google Sheets edit history

How many times it happened that you deleted or modified something in a Google Sheet or you shared a Google Sheet for collaboration and other people modified it. How do you go back? There is not Undo ? Well, now there is.

Google Sheet Edit History

For this example I wrote in a cell the following text: “This Cell”.

Then I typed over: “This Cell was modified”. And then I typed over: “This Cell was modified 3 times”

Click on the cell in a Google Sheet that you want to see previous values and right click for menu

Click on the command Show Edit History

A window will open with all the Edit history of the cell. use the right/left arrows on the top right to view what was modified/added/removed.

This is all. This might be very helpful to your colleagues using Google applications. So sharing would be very appreciated.

Google Sheets is a spreadsheet application provided by Google. It has a very similar functionality with Microsoft Excel.