How To Fix IP Configuration Failure Error In Android

Many a time we got stuck in a situation where we get a constant message of “obtaining IP address” whenever we try to connect any WiFi with our Android smartphone and the most annoying part is nothing happens after that, you’re stuck to that message, and you have no idea about what to do next. The result is that you are not able to connect to the Internet and all your time is wasted for no use.

The reason for the occurrence of the problem is that your device is not able to connect with the nearest WiFI network and the ultimate question arise that why it happens anyway? There are many reasons and different solutions for the same problem.

The occurs for different reasons in different Android powered device. Same cause but, different solution for each and every version. I’m sure you may have bumped to may Applications suggesting that they can solve this problem. But trust me guys either those Applications doesn’t work at all and they even worsen your situation. Installing such Applications may create deeper connectivity issues for your Android device, so, better stay away from them.

Although, there can be may causes and reason for the occurrence of the problem, but we’ll have a look on most prominent reasons. Also download clash of clans mod apk.

Reasons for occurrence WiFi Connectivity Issues –

  1. Weak WiFI signal which sometimes becomes unavoidable.
  2. Issue on your Android device.
  3. Issue in your Wireless Router.
  4. Security settings change in your wireless Router.

Thus, were the causes and now if we look towards the solutions. There are many solutions for the same problem I’m going to mention some those below in this article and please make sure that the provided method is compatible with the Android version.

Solutions For IP Configuration Failure Error Fix-

The Following method is compatible with 2.x to 4.0 –

1. First of all, go to settings, then click on Wireless and networks, then you’ll see an option to turn on WiFi. Do it. And the enter the page called WiFi settings

2. Press the menu option and then click on Advance.

3. Click on on the option called Static IP and then you put the values in their places. Same as mentioned in the screenshot.

4. Now, you the process is done. You can now use any IP address without hassle ( If you can restart your device once after doing the process then it would be great ).

The Following method is compatible for 4.1 and higher –

1. First, of all, visit setting and then click on WiFi and then it on.

2. Once the WiFi is on, you have to connect it to any network.

3. Then, long press on the connected network or click on hamburger option if you have one and tap on Modify network ( In most of the Android phones it’s a long press ).

4. Then click or check on Show Advanced option.

5. Now click on IP settings, a drop down menu will appear, there you select an option called Static.

6. Now the process is done, Now you can easily select any of your desired IP. But leaves numbers unchanged. They’re not supposed to be changed in this method ( In most of the Android phones it’s a long press ).

Thus, were the two prominent solutions. Just some tweaks is your settings, and your problem is solved.

Those methods can easily solve your problem. But here I will also some other methods to solve the same problem in case you need them.

1. Rebooting all your devices to avoid any kind of issue which is occurring in the device. That issue can also happen when all the above settings are already done. To do that you can simply restart your phone and to restart your router you can log in your router’s web interface. There you will find a Reboot button. Once the process is done the IP connection will be solved. Moreover, these methods can also be useful to boost the Internet speed.

2. Reducing the space between your device and Router can also do the tasks or if you even change the place of your outer. Normally the distance and the placement for the router hurts the connection between both the devices. Because of magnetic force of the particular place or walls between the device and the router can also weaken the connection. So, try to change the position for avoiding the problem forever.

3. Resetting your device can also solve your IP connectivity issue because in any cases because of viruses and malware in your system, the connectivity issue occurs. Better to scan your device with a reputed Antivirus like this one. Factory reset settings also can be a great option. To do that, First, go to Settings – Accounts  – Backup and Reset – Factory Data Reset and then you have to click on Reset Device option. resetting the device can give you the additional benefit of your device improving its speed, resulting in better Internet speed though WiFi.

4. Renaming your devices can also help. That reason is rare, but still leaving any such sign would be foolish. Rename your device by directly visiting your WiFi setting can clear that weird error occurrence and create a better connectivity in both the devices. It can refresh the device which can be helpful in improving connectivity as well as the speed

Thus, was all the methods for the solution to IP connectivity failure in Android. This is the easiest and most trustworthy guide which is not easy to find anywhere else.

Final Words –

At the end of the article, I have to say that all the methods are completely legit. You can blindly trust those methods. They all are easy to access, and the results are easier to monitor. So, don’t worry try to use most of the methods to not to avoid any further glitch in your smartphone or in your router. Kindly follow the above provided instructions properly to access the method without any further issues.

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