Download Gapps for Android Marshmallow (All Versions)

Lately, a lot of fuss has been going around about Gapps. Some people are quite familiar with them but most people are not. In fact, I was one of those persons who didn’t know about them until a few days back. Actually, we all know about these apps but separately. Well, Gapps stands for Google Apps. Does it ring a bell now?

Off course it would! Apps such as Gmail, Google Play Store Google Play Music and such kind of similar apps altogether are called Gapps. Now, you must be wondering why one needs to install these apps as they come pre-installed, Right? Well, this content will provide you with all the answers and also how you need to get these apps for your Android Marshmallow if these are not pre-installed.

Why Should You Install Gapps?

Well, Gapps are quite important as they hold a lot of important features in our smartphones. Well, just imagine the whether your smartphone will be able to function properly or not. Will be able to receive your emails without the Gmail App?

Apart from these, there are different functions of each of these Apps. Now the big question is that why don’t these apps come pre-installed? Well, generally the Gapps come pre-installed on all devices. But some Android users who are not satisfied with the stock ROM that comes with the device opt for the Custom ROM. And this how the Gapps go missing and one need to install them again.

The custom Android Marshmallow doesn’t have the Gapps either. So one needs to download the Gapps manually and install them accordingly on their device. And as I have already mentioned that Gapps are quite important and these needs to be installed on one’s device. Also check out Clash of Clans Mod Apk.

There are different of the Android Marshmallow. Well, down below I have provided lots of steps and links by and from where you can get the different versions of the Gapps.

How to Download Android Marshmallow Gapps?

The links for downloading the different versions of Marshmallow Gapps have been provided below along with a little description.

Marshmallow Gapps (PICO):

The Pico Marshmallow Gapps package is quite light and provides your device with the best kind of performance. Due to its lightness this Gapps package provides doesn’t slow your device like the other heavy packages provided down the list.

[Download Now]

Marshmallow Gapps (NANO):

Well, all that this package contains is the Gmail App, Google Play Store, and the Google Play Service Apps. This package would be quite good for your device as this would have some of the Gapps and it won’t slow down your device.

[Download Now]

Marshmallow Gapps (MICRO):

The micro package will provide you with some of the essential apps like Google Search, Gmail, Google Search, etc. Apart from these apps, some other important apps will also be present here.

[Download Now]

Marshmallow Gapps (MINI):

The most popular and best apps of Google will be available here. These apps can also be referred as the most basic apps that you will ever come across. Get this Gapps package now.

[Download Now]

Marshmallow Gapps (FULL):

This package might be named as “FULL” but you won’t be able to avail all the Google Apps here. But if you are using AOSP ROM or Cm13 then all the Gapps will be available to you.

[Download Now]

Marshmallow Gapps (STOCK):

From the Google Play Store to the Calendar, everything is included in the package. This package won’t hamper the performance of your device. Click on the link provided below to download this package.

[Download Now]

So these are all the different versions of the Gapps. Just click on the link provided below to download the apps on your Device or PC. The steps of installing or using these packages have been provided below.

Steps for Flashing Android Marshmallow on Smartphones:

Well, the steps are quite easy and you can easily download these. Check out the steps down below.

  • Download the preferred package you need to locate the package.
  • Now, boot your smartphone in recovery mode.
  • After doing that select Install Zip from SD card and select the downloaded package.
  • The flashing may take some time. So wait patiently.
  • When the flashing is completed you need to clear the cache and restart your device.

And with that, the Gapps are installed on your device and you can start using them.

To conclude I would like to say that the Gapps are quite important applications. If you have a custom Marshmallow installed on your device then get them as soon as possible. All that you need to do is click on one of the links provided above and follow the steps and you will be good to go. Hope this information has been helpful to you. Leave a comment below for any more queries.

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