Convert kg to lbs

Learn how to convert in Excel from kb to lbs and how to incorporate in your spreadsheets. You will learn two methods. By using a direct calculation or by using a formula.

1 kg = 2.20462 lbs (pounds) and 1 lb (pound) = 0.45359 kg

These are the values to use in our calculation. In our example, we will open a spreadsheet and create two sets of headers. The first set is for the kg to lbs conversion and the second set is for the lbs to kg conversion

Write the following formula in the formula cells like in the images below

Once this is done, write any number in the cell B4 or B7 and you have a quick calculator to convert from kg to lbs and from lbs to kg

The second method is to use the CONVERT function

  • =CONVERT(B4,”kg”,”lbm”)
  • =CONVERT(B7,”lbm”,”kg”)