Google Search Operators

How to use Search operators in Google

Google is the biggest and the best search engine in the world. Sometimes searching through the billions of search results can be tricky. Google search operators can help you modify the typical simple search to give you better and more precise search results. What are Google Search Operators Search operators are text modifiers to your search query that will modify...Read More

3 easy steps to install Windows 11 on unsupported CPUs

Windows registry hack makes the upgrade possible, but should you do it? You’re currently seeing this message: “This PC doesn’t currently meet Windows 11 system requirements” or “The processor isn’t currently supported for Windows 11”. In this post you will learn a registry hack that should instantly make things better and help you upgrade to Windows 11 with a 7th...Read More

How to take a screenshot on a Windows 11 PC

Windows 11 took the Snipping tool to the next level in Windows 11. Not only the Snipping tool can take a screenshot of a part of your screen or use a delay to help you capture an open drop-down but now it can take short videos that you can use to demonstrate a short functionality to a colleague by quickly...Read More