How to Make Money Selling Digital Downloads on Etsy

In the vast world of e-commerce, Etsy stands out as a hub for creative entrepreneurs to showcase and sell their wares. Among the myriad offerings on this platform, digital downloads have emerged as a popular and profitable niche. From graphic design elements to printable artwork, digital files present an opportunity for individuals to monetize their creativity with minimal overhead. But...Read More
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How to scrape Etsy Data

Using the Etsy API, developers and enthusiasts can programmatically retrieve essential information such as product details of any shop, seller metrics, and marketplace data.This enables users to gain valuable insights for research, analysis, and business strategies, all while adhering to Etsy's terms of service. If you are scared at this point and you are telling yourself, "I'm not a programmer"...Read More

Excel Functions

Below is a list of all Excel functions with their category and a small description of what it does. For full help on any of these functions directly in Excel, click on the fx button, find the function and see a full description, a set of parameters and the expected result. For even more details on Microsoft Excel support page,...Read More

11 Easy ways to speed up Windows 10

Make your PC faster even without installing an SSD. If your computer is starting to feel slower than when you first powered it up, here are some ways to make it faster 1. Disable Transparency Windows 10's Start menu may look good, but that transparency will cost you some resources that slow your PC slightly To reclaim those resources, you...Read More

How to remove the Audible Originals from your library

Audible Originals are more like Podcasts than AudioBooks. But you'll notice there is no way to remove them from your mobile app on iPhone and Android. However, there is a way. To do that, you have to go on the computer to your Amazon Account. Go to Accounts and Lists and then to Manager Your Content and Devices Once you...Read More

How to insert emojis in email on Outlook

Few may know that Windows applications like Outlook or any Office Applications have a quick shortcut to insert emojis. Next time you want to add a smiley face to your next email, use this little trick to add some of the most common emojis. Press the keyboard shortcut Win & . or Win & ; and get something like this...Read More
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Dock keeps moving on the other monitor on MacBook

Do you use a MacBook with an external monitor and have the issue that the dock keeps moving to the other screen? Apparently, this is not a bug but a feature. Apple designed the Dock to move where you "need" it. If you want to force it back to the MacBook main screen, all you have to do is to...Read More
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Apple iCloud Photos or Google Photos for photo storage

If you are like me, you might have an iPhone or iPad for your mobility devices but still use a Windows computer for your productivity or work needs. So you may be wondering how to manage your photos. Should you use iCloud or Google Photos? Is iCloud better than Google Photos If you are using an iPhone to capture your...Read More