How backup a table in SQL with data

Before running and update or delete queries, make sure you backup your database. But sometimes you don’t want to backup the entire SQL Database. Sometimes you just want to backup a single table, run your query and revert to the previous version. Here is a simple method to do that. Step 1: Create an identical copy of the table including...Read More

What is the Power BI service

If you are just starting with Power BI you might be confused of all the Power BI products you encounter. Power BI Service Power BI Desktop Power BI mobile app The good news is, they are all part of the same product but they perform different functions. Click on them to find out what purpose they serve Power BI Service...Read More

What is Power BI Desktop

Power BI Desktop If you look in the Microsoft Store you will find two applications that you can install on your Windows PC. One is Power BI Desktop and the other is Power BI Mobile. Install the Power BI Desktop if you are planning to create reports in your organization. All Power BI products (Service, Desktop and Mobile) are used...Read More

How to learn Power BI – Frequently Asked Questions

Power BI is a powerful reporting tool. It is part of the Microsoft Power Platform and works very well with a variety of Data Sources starting with text, coma separated value files, Excel files and all the way to massive cloud databases. What is Power BI used for? Power BI is the best tool for making sense of the data....Read More
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Power BI – Filter SQL Data before import

Sometimes you need to filter the source data before loading into POWER BI Desktop. If you have a large SQL database with millions of records and you only need the records in the past few days it is not efficient to pull all the data and to filter it after. It takes a long time and it increases the Power...Read More