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How to ignore Privacy Levels in Excel

When you download an Excel file from the internet you may encounter some warnings. External Data Connections have been disabled. Excel is very cautious with files that connect to external sites. The first warning you'll see will be related to external links. You have to enable External Data Connections. You are connecting to Etsy after all. Privacy Levels The second...Read More

What is an Excel Pivot Table

Pivot tables are Excel's most powerful feature. A pivot table lets you summarize detailed data automatically. In this tutorial you will learn what is an Excel Pivot table and how to create an Excel pivot table to summarize a simple dataset. Case Study A grocery store wants to keep track of daily sales of the main fruits thei are selling:...Read More

What is xlookup in Excel

XLOOKUP is the newest addition to the lookup formulas in Excel. If VLOOKUP is a Vertical lookup function and HLOOKUP is a Horizontal lookup function, XLOOKUP is capable of replacing them both by performing the lookup both horizontally and vertically. What is the difference between VLOOKUP and XLOOKUP? VLOOKUP is structured like this VLOOKUP ( value to look for, in...Read More

Top 10 Excel websites

Are you looking to improve your Excel skills and become a spreadsheet pro? Look no further! In this blog post, we've compiled a list of the best Excel websites that offer a variety of resources for all skill levels. From video tutorials to online courses, these websites have everything you need to take your Excel knowledge to the next level....Read More

Simple Worksheets Commands

As seen in the previous section "What is a worksheet" once we have a brand new worksheet, we can do some commands in regards to that worksheet. To access a list of the quick commands, right click on the name of the worksheet. List of worksheet commands How to insert a new Worksheet and more The Insert action is used...Read More

The excel ribbon

When first introduced, the ribbon was not liked by many experienced Excel users. Personally I hated the ribbon. Now, I can't even imagine how Excel looked before the ribbon. If you don't know, or don't remember, this used to be instead of the ribbon. How does it look to you now? Compared with the current ribbon Much better, right? The...Read More

Today’s date and time in Excel

Use Excel to calculate today's date and today's date and time with the functions TODAY() and NOW() plus variations and keyboard shortcuts. These guides work for Google Sheets as well. Today's Date To simply add today's date, use the function TODAY() with no arguments Add or subtract integer numbers to the TODAY() function to get tomorrow's date or yesterday's date...Read More

Multi-Level Row Pivot Table

If in the previous example we studied how to create a simple pivot table from a simple data-set, in this example we add an additional column to categorize our products in order to create a Multi-Level Row Pivot Table Case Study A grocery store wants to keep track of daily sales of the main fruits thei are selling: Apples and...Read More

Multi-row and Multi-column Pivot Table

In the previous tutorials for Pivot Tables we looked at the simple Pivot tables with one row and one column, then we added a category to the data-set to create a multi-row pivot table. In this tutorial we will use one of the existing columns in our data set, the column "Date" to build on the pivot table we created...Read More

How to use XLOOKUP in Google Sheets

XLOOKUP may be a new function to Excel but it is not new to spreadsheet software. Google Sheets already has the LOOKUP function that works exactly like Excel's XLOOKUP. What about Excel's XLOOKUP support for Google Sheets? As Excel Released the XLOOKUP for most of the users now (if you don't have XLOOKUP in your Excel see here why), many...Read More